Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash recently caught up with Mikey T The Movie Star to speak on everything from signing to Interscope Records to his musical upbringings.

In his interview Dash revealed that he grew up around family members that were all heavily involved in music in some way.

“My whole family is based around music. My mom she was in a band. She played the flute. My brother he made beats. So I kind of just followed suit, picked up a mic,” Dash explained. “I actually started rapping, [started] writing actually, [because] I used to get in trouble a lot at school and that was kind of my way of keeping to myself and keeping my thoughts on paper rather than out loud. And it just evolved into something a little bit more edgier and a little more [crafty].”

Dash also spoke on the trendiness of Atlanta Hip Hop and how he managed to bypass the trends and create somewhat of a new sound.

“Atlanta goes through its trends and its phases where certain things are catchy and certain things are what goes right about now,” said the rapper. “And I just happened to slide in there and start something new, create something new.”

Lastly, the rapper shared his thoughts on being signed to Interscope Records one of the most notable record labels in Hip Hop.

“I was shocked. I woke up one morning and they were like ‘You’re signed to Interscope.’ I was like ‘Wow, really?’ When I went into the building I saw that everybody was really like big fans of my music and they were really supportive of my music,” Dash explained. “It really made me feel good because I felt like I had a home and some people that are really gonna get behind me and push 150 percent at all times. That’s where I’m at.”

Dash is currently at work on his Dash Effect mixtape which will be hosted by DJ Kutt Throat.

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