Though Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo are no longer signed to Interscope, 50 Cent believes his G-Unit brethren’s situation has worked out for the best – beginning with Banks’ The Hunger For More 2.

“Banks’ project is the beginning of them flying solo, flying without my assistance so much,” said Fif in an interview with MTV News.

“Like on all their other albums and singles, I was featured on their projects to help bring attention to it and get ’em off into the right space,” he continued. “This go-around is, like, for them to go away from me and do it on their own. They’re setting up shop on their own on this project.”

But as far as label deals go, don’t count on 50 looking at Def Jam as a possibility for him or any of his cohorts. “Well, Def Jam, I’m not even sure what that system — that system is not in a good space right now. They’re like $80 million in the hole,” he said, before adding: “Don’t tell them I told you.”

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