With his new single “Let It Fly” featuring Roscoe Dash picking up steam, Maino explains that he has plenty more in store for his upcoming sophomore album The Day After Tomorrow, due October 4th. Speaking with Get Involved TV, the Brooklyn, New York native revealed that he enlists some heavy hitters for the LP.

“I got a couple of people. I like to keep the features to a minimum. Lloyd Banks, Roscoe Dash, Mouse, PUSH! Montana, Black Flag City, Lil Wayne,” he said, noting that he’s keeping production in-house. “Producers are in-house. Mista Raja, GQ Beats, Coalition Forces, Dangerous LLC. I like to keep it in-house, it’s cost effective.”

He also explained how his second studio album will show him in a different light than his debut, If Tomorrow Comes. “My lifestyle is totally different and everything that I’m going through since that. You have this notion of what you think fame is going to be, and then you get it and it’s not cracking to what you thought it was going to be. You still go through shit every day, going through different problems and different tribulations and different tests. I want to showcase that now, I want to show you where I’ve come from and here I am, now, this is what I’m going through.”

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