Good Day New York caught up with Swizz Beatz about his recent charity work at the Bronx Charter School for Arts. The South Bronx-born super-producer explained that he’s been helping to raise money to get computers for after school activities.

“I was invited to the school…through a mutual friend,” he explained. “When I went to the school…[the students] won me over within five minutes. They did a big play for me, and ever since then, we’ve been going strong…I’m trying to help out the school in every way possible. Being that the arts in education [are] being cut down, through my involvement and my celebrity, I’m able to raise money and things. Right now, we’re working on [getting the students] computers for the after school programs.”

Swizzy also discussed his educational upbringing in the Bronx. He said that the Bronx Charter School for Arts is far more attentive to their students’ needs than his school was when he was coming up in the borough.

“The difference between this school [and the one I attended] is that it’s more organized,” he said. “The teachers look happy to be there. In my school, it was very rough. The school, they’re reaching out to people like myself to do better things and to help out in areas where they needed help…and I think in my school, we didn’t have that.”

The full interview can be seen below.