By Aisha Khan

Finally, Jamin is free. After years of keeping on the underground, the veteran songwriter and producer is ready to make a debut with his upcoming album, Diplomatic. It’s been a long road for Jamin, who has been plagued with multiple legal battles over album rights and production credits dating back to 2000. But like they say, revenge is a dish best served cold and Jamin is prepared to expose those responsible for keeping him out of the spotlight.

The Oakland, California native claims to be the original producer of Master P & 504 Boyz‘ “Wobble Wobble” along with multiple other tracks from a variety of major west coast Hip Hop artists. Although he was hesitant to give specific song titles, Jamin made it apparent that being stripped of the credit he was due did indeed take a toll on him mentally. “Wobble Wobble”, released in 2000 on 504 Boyz’ album, Goodfellas, made it to #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Rap Singles, yet Jamin was mentioned nowhere in the production credits. “I told myself for many years it didn’t bother me, but it definitely ate at me at the same time. Watching other people take credit for things that I’ve done wore me down. It definitely turned me off to this industry.” Despite his negative experiences, Jamin kept on ghostwriting and producing for projects he was given through close friend, D. Black.

Even though at the time he was focused on the cash not the fame, it’s no wonder why Jamin kept low for so long. As recently as a year ago, Jamin was signed to the label Royalty Records out in Las Vegas, Nevada, which went under shortly after the ink dried. The label then attempted to keep the rights to the album that Jamin recorded with them but luckily the contract was breached because the artist was never paid. Instead of letting all the negativity get the best of him Jamin pushed through his opposition to come out on top. “The situation gave me the fuel to realize music’s in my blood and that’s why God put me here.”

His upcoming album, Diplomatic, reflects Jamin’s life-long double hustle of the street life and the business world. “My mother always told me to be a chameleon. Running both the street and business worlds means being able to communicate with everybody. You have to make people feel comfortable and try to be diplomatic about situations before things get ugly or ignorant.” Jamin’s first album also features heavyweight guest appearances from artists such as Snoop Dogg, Knoc-turn’al, Lil Flip, E-40, and David Banner.

DX readers can exclusive hear Jamin’s “Take It Off (Remix)” featuring Lil Flip.

The multi-talented musician even gets down and dirty on the debut by playing live guitar and bass. Ever since he was young, Jamin played multiple instruments and looked to music for guidance during difficult times. This album is his way of giving back. “Music has taught me all my life lessons. Growing up in a broken home, I didn’t get too much advice from people. Music, fortunately, was there for me. A lot of Hip Hop artists were my mentors in a way. Really I just want to be able to do that for kids growing up now and even people my age.”  

Diplomatic will definitely be a project to look out for and is tentatively set to drop October 31st.