E-40 also known as The Ambassador of the Bay came on the scene with a refreshing flow, some interesting vocabulary and a knack for entertaining people. While the emcee has gone unrecognized for a lot of his efforts, E-40 has gained respect for being the father of slang terms often used in Hip-Hop and for making successful underground rap in the Bay for more than a decade. Forty Fonzarelli also dabbled in business, literature, radio and film to make himself a chameleon in the game.

For his 12th release, My Ghetto Report Card, E-40 teamed up with various Hip-Hop heavyweights. The album, which features Mike Jones, Too Short, and Juelz Santana will also have The King of Crunk,Lil Jon as an executive producer. With a new album, book and a possible DVD in the works, E-40 still found time to talk to DX about life, family, slang-biters and the Hyphy movement. He was even nice enough to offer fans some business tips.

Working with various artists for your entire career, what has made this album different with Lil Jon on board and what sets this album apart from the rest?