The United States flag is painted with the colors red, white and blue, as symbol of purity, hardiness and perseverance. It also was designed to provide the people with a banner to wave with pride as a representation of hard work, opportunity and growth. Anything is possible in the land of slaves turned millionaires, blue collars turned black ties and bare feet turned glass slippers.

This is a country where dads who are fashioned noted icons, can produce children who are humble, willing to give back and well grounded in American culture. Hip Hop is American culture and Hip Hop is a reflection of those colors: red, white, and blue.

You should ask Rich Hil.

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Those same colors were stitched on millions of denim jeans, flight jackets and ski coats, and in cursive the name Tommy Hilfiger stood out like Rabbit in a street corner cipher. The man behind the all-American apparel is now a certified father of a rapper by the name of Rich Hil.

Rich Hil” is a symbol of an American dream, come true. The son of a multi-millionaire, who went through the public school system, got signed to one of the biggest Hip Hop producers