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Where The Hell Have You Been?: Bahamadia

Philadelphia's Queen emcee came up under Gang Starr, helped DJ Drama get a start, and gives perspective on life.


Rock City

Akon's group from St. Thomas were local stars. Will an assist from Beanie Sigel make the Konvicts pop in the US?


Joell Ortiz: Life After The Aftermath

One of the rookies of the year from 2007 might have gotten a raw deal in getting dropped, but perhaps it charged his battery.


Olu Dara: The Son Of Music

Nas' pops let's it be known how it is to raise a living legend, his musical legacy and his feelings on Nas' Nigger album.


Drugs Become The Future of Black Business

In addition to Roc-A-Fella and Sean John, health-care is a leading source of booming black business.


Where The Hell Have You Been: Shyheim

The former Wu-Tang affiliate keeps it 100 about his brothers, jail, and how he's truly had two careers in 15 years.



Arguably the biggest rapper - ever from Washington D.C., Wale is pushing lyricism with an understanding for what the youth wants.


Pieces of Peace

DXnext goes back to the future with '60s Funk group Pieces of Peace, with views on music, sampling and never getting dusty.


Rich Hil: Hil-Top Hustlin'

17 year-old Rich Hilfiger might join Brooke Hogan and Stack$ as paid-in-full celebutant hopefuls, but he's also Swizz Beatz' BFF?


Tim William

Given a helping hand by Kidz In The Hall, this graf-writer turned producer is churning tracks for Papoose and Skyzoo.


Isaiah Stokes

Using liquor stores to sell mixtapes, Isaiah might be Harlem's next hustler, when he's not acting or rapping.


Where The Hell Have You Been: Suga-T

E-40's sister and member of The Click is a changed woman from her '90s gangstress days. See why Suga-T still keeps it sweet.


Q-Tip: Quiet Domination

Q-Tip discusses his new album, Kanye West, putting his name "to bed" and says why the basements of Queens birthed stars like 50 Cent.


Chester French

Two Harvard grad Hip Hoppers collide to join Star Trak and Interscope to win over fans of Coldplay and Lil' Boosie at once.


Al Be Back

Appearing on Kanye's Graduation, Al Be Back has a multifaceted attack of his own, including film, fashion and an album that brings it back to the BX.


Gucci Mane: King Of The Trap House

Gucci Mane talks about his underground legitimacy, throwing stones at Jay-Z's throne, and just how he ended up being the trap-rapper he is.


Roc C

Being backed by Madlib's brother, OHNO, makes Roc C a hot commodity in a stale Hip Hop environment. Check out the man from the OX


Duo Live

With an album featuring Talib Kweli and Fabolous on deck. Duo Live should definitely be on your radar. Don't sleep!


The Story Behind The Jena 6 - The "Root" Of The Problem

A comprehensive look at the history, the stakes and the racism you aren't hearing about from America's most important internal affair.


Kevin Michael

There are certain artists who are bigger than R&B and Hip Hop. Kevin Michael stands to be a huge star. Don't miss out...


Where The Hell Have You Been?: Mic Geronimo

How the fuck do you not know the emcee who worked directly with Jay-Z, Ja Rule, DMX & Irv Gotti? Well he's back kids...

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