In the year 2007, it’s difficult to deny that progress has been a double-edged sword for the urban community. And by progress, I mean success. And by the urban community, I mean the young generation of African Americans. Hip Hop music and culture is the selling point for everything ranging from soda to Pop Tarts to cars to everything in between. Corporations are spending money on anything that resembles street-culture and the hood. But while this young generation is making more money than ever before via the Hip Hop vehicle, recently a critical eye has been turned on the participants.

From the use of the N-word, to the negative portrayal of women, to the glorification of drug dealers and pimps, the spotlight is now shining on the messages, not just the music. But despite the harsh criticism and demands for accountability, few are willing to look at the root of these problems, or the bigger picture. In the midst of these controversies, a cartoonist/writer named Aaron McGruder sits on the sidelines and makes his social and political commentaries through his wildly successful strip-turned-TV show The Boondocks, which debuted Season Two on the Adult Swim Channel October 8th. McGruder recently took some time out of his busy post-production schedule to speakabout the success of his show, future plans and pulling a Dave Chappelle