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Aaron McGruder: Censor The Boondocks? N*gga Please!

Boondocks creator, Aaron Mcgruder, talks Hip Hop, Barack Obama, censorship and Al Sharpton


Sha Money XL: The Past, Present and Future of G-Unit

After Mobb Deep and Tony Yayo's releases tanked, what does the future of the G-Unit hold? The man who started it all speaks on the past, present and future of G-Unit


Skillz: Mad At All Of You

<b>Skillz</b> talks about <b>Jermaine Dupri</b>, "Stop Snitchin", "Laffy Taffy" and why <b>Eminem</b> is scared of him


Terrance Howard: Acting On Instinct

Terrance Howard talks about his career, acting next to 50 Cent, possibly playing Damon Dash in a movie and more...


Tragedy: Intelligent Hoodlum

Tragedy speaks on going to jail, coming up with Capone N Noreaga and a certain Queensbridge rapper (Nas?)


Anthony Hamilton: All Love, No Worries

Anthony Hamilton talks about love and temptation, his music and reveals who the Michael Jordan of music is...


JR Writer: Million Dollar Dipset

Just who is the newest Dipset member that has a million dollar deal on the table? JR Writer that's who!


M-1: New Year Revolution

M-1 of dead prez has some unkind words for Diddy and even though he likes 50 Cent, he gets aired out too.

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