It’s been some time since I have expressed to you my Marvilous Thoughts. I felt that I needed to let things run their course for a minute; I needed to see what Fab was all about, and whether Hova was going to live up to his expectations, and finally, I had to see what DMX was giving us this trip. Can’t say that there are any disappointments, but I can say that things are definitely getting interesting.

A while back I wrote about Ja-Rule, and his ways. I’m not mad at the dude, but he’s coming off a little soft for the tough guy persona he expresses. I’m not saying I don’t like his new album, as a DJ anything that moves the crowd, I have to respect, but what about his integrity? Well, I don’t have to go on an on about this cause DMX did that for me. There are a grip of phrases and actually a song that, in my opinion, are directed at the young superstar. The friendly battle that is raging between Ja, Jay, and X is in full swing. Jay could not dedicate as much time on Ja due to Nas’ weak attempts to discredit the king. But X had plenty of time and space to insult the young buck. Ok, I won’t say insult, he is educating him. No names have been mention between X and Ja, but come on, it’s a little obvious Mr. Rule has a thing for the X-man’s style.

At the present time I am working on the first HipHopDX mixtape. Thus far the project is going according to plans. This weekend I will be in the studio with JoJo Peligrino and Lady Luck, along with the NYC top unsigned artist. This is going to be something special, a true expression of hip-hop. A lotta beats, a lotta lyrics, a lotta phat joints. I will be bringing you audio and video footage of the studio sessions in the upcoming weeks, and don’t forget the CD drops Nov. 1st!!!!