Bobby V‘s debut release, Disturbing Tha Peace Presents: BOBBY VALENTINO, on Disturbing Tha Peace/Island Def Jam Records, is a testament to young adult relationships from a man’s point of view,

The Atlanta-born vocalist/songwriter’s music evokes commitment, love lost, love found, in such a manner that meets approval from listeners who run the gamut from hopeless romantics to thugs with a heart.

Focusing on Bobby V’s incredible vocal range Disturbing Tha Peace Presents: BOBBY VALENTINO purely showcases the haunting, mesmerizing vocal ability possessed by a young male vocalist whose talents belie his age.

Bobby’s first single, “Slow Down,” proved to be a wise choice for his foray as an adult vocalist, picking up hundreds of radio spins nearly from the first week of its release. As listeners hone in on Bobby’s extraordinary vocal ability, they will be teased by such tunes as “Love Dream,” in which he uses his falsetto in a manner reminiscent of classic singers from the 70’s. The poignant “My Angel,” focuses on the magical chemistry between a man and his true love.

Through trials and tribulations, Bobby V has navigated through rough waters of the music industry. At age 13, he was one of the artists in Organized Noize‘s teen vocal group Mista, whose debut single, “Blackberry Molasses,” remains a classic to this day.

Once the group’s effort to launch a second album stalled, Bobby utilized the time to enroll in Clark Atlanta University, where, although he was offered a music scholarship, opted to study Mass Communications where he learned film editing, speech, and other areas which could enhance his skills in the music industry.

Following his graduation in May 2004, he found an internship at a TV station and spent some of his free time volunteering for his dad’s Atlanta Gardening Program where participants learn to grow and care for fruits and vegetables. He grew up not only gardening but also listening to Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Prince utilizing those musical influences on his album. His goal was to defy the odds and go back to the real R&B.

Never one to stray far from the recording studio, he continued to record and stay in the midst of the Atlanta recording scene. Always impressed by Bobby V’s vocal ability, when the timing was right Ludacris and Chaka Zulu, the President of Disturbing Tha Peace Records, offered him a deal.

The ensuing days found Bobby V reuniting with Mista‘s producers, Tim & Bob (Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Case), who wound up producing most of the album. Between Bobby’s skills as a writer and Tim & Bob’s tracks the album was finished in just a few short months.

But, what does it take to be a member of DTP, one of the clicks that produces some of the hottest sounds out right now? The requirements seem to be sex appeal, style, and super talent. At least thats what can be gathered by the looks of the newest suave young man to join the click, Bobby V. Born under the sign Pisces, Feburary 27th, this fish is swimming upstream to take on the sharks and it doesnt seem that hell have any trouble. His hit single, Slow Down, is soaring up the charts from New Mexico to New York and every where else in between. After catching up with Bobby V at a guest appearance heres what he had to say to HHDX.

Who is Bobby V?
BV: Im a very down to earth person, Im a real person. Fellas can relate to me as well as the ladies. Im definitely singing to the ladies, but from a fellas point of view. I just graduated from Clark Atlanta University, Mass Communication, radio, tv, and film. I played sports, baseball and football. Thats pretty much it.

Tell me what is your pet peeve?
BV: When people just look at you and stare at you.

But youre Bobby V!
BV: (Laughs) Another pet peeve is when people ask wheres Ludacris? I dont know!

Now, all the ladies want to knoware you single?
BV: Yes, definitely single and love to mingle.

Since youre single how can you tell who is talking to you because youre Bobby V or because youre you?
BV: I can tell there are always little signs. I can definitely tell if theyre hollering for me or just for name sake. I can definitely tell. Ive grown up throughout the years being Bobby from Mista and Ive seen who likes me for me and the difference between a groupie and real love.

By the way, Congratulations on graduating! Can you give us a brief background on your musical foundation?
BV: I started in the group Mista, thats where I learned the game, learned the business. I broke up with the group probably about 2000 and started working on my solo career. I probably had about three or four albums worth of material that I got to Disturbing The Peace and they loved it. It was history from there.

How was it working with Mista?
BV: It was a great experience. I learned a lot had a lot of fun and we still all cool. We still all kick it and we all talk, but now its about this Bobby V album.

Whats the story with the Mista break up?
BV: Most groups break up for the same reasons. Everybody has their own goals in life but my goals werent the same as everybody elses. We still cool and we still kick it, but everybody wanted to do their own thang.

Okay, so how is it working with DTP?
BV: Its great! I learn a lot from them. Theyre hard workers and they instill in me if you work hard you can be on top. I learned that from Luda he never gets any sleep and I dont either. I definitely learned a lot from DTP. They teach me the game, they teach me right from wrong. Ive learned a lot through the years, but them teaching me more is great.

Who did you work with on your album?
BV: Tim and Bob they did the first single. They did the majority of the album. I have one feature on the album thats Ludacris and the rest of the album is me showcasing my thoughts and ideas.

So you write all of your own material also?
BV: Yea.

That shows a lot of talent. What would you say is the best thing about being an artist?
BV: The best thing is the special treatment, but with that comes a lot of things. You dont really have a personal life. You have to watch what you say, watch what you do.