Kevin Liles said that you two were old friends at your listening session. Now that he’s VP of Warner, do you think things will be different?

It’ll be a big difference. It’s already a big difference. He knows what he’s doing.

How far do you guys go back?

I’ve always known him and always respect everything he does.

Was he on board your project from the beginning?

He was on board prior to me finishing up the album.

Talk about Thug Matrimony.

I got something to cover all different lifestyles — something for the kids, something for grown folks. It’s a grown album. You don’t have to wait for the album to grow on you. Everything is there for you to see, to experience. It’s self-explanatory.

You said that one of your songs was dedicated to teachers.

That’s a song for the kids. “I Just Wanna Sing.” Because a lot of teachers tell their kids they can’t be certain things. And a lot of people are not getting paid a lot so they’re not doing a good job. I made it for the kids and dedicated it to the teachers.

And you have a song about menage-trois.

There’s lot of bisexual women that like group sex. I just want them to feel at home. It happens everywhere. And “Jump On A Dick.” That’s basically for the strip clubs. For the girls that get off the chain in the club. There’s always a song that you play in the club and the women get extra excited about. That’s one of those songs.

It seems like Miami is a real hot spot right now. Have you noticed the

change over the years?

Florida is the same. The streets are dying but it’s the same. It’s always going to be the same. We got candy paint jobs, girls with g-strings and strapless bras and the hot shorts.

Tell me about the Joint Chiefs.

Me, Fat Joe, Twista, Fabolous, T.I.. We just get together. Try to do the right thing, come up and represent our label [Atlantic]. I think we got a strong roster.

What other business ventures are you planning?

I’m trying to start my own label. Trying to get on television shows. I try to do whatever I can to just make me some money. I want to start a waffle house in the Miami area.

Have you signed any artists to your label?

I’m working on it. I don’t want to say any names because we haven’t signed the papers. Can’t promote for free. You know how that goes?

What’s next?

Hopefully, for the Joint Chiefs, we can get us a tour going on. And we can go out there and sell ourselves.

Are you voting?

Ah man, we’re in danger. Everybody got to get out and vote. I’m going to be praying for Kerry and for me and for you.

Any last words?

God for the thugs, too.