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Lil Wayne: The Carter

Check out this classic interview from 2004 to see what Lil Wayne was talking about right before Tha Carter dropped.


RZA: The Harlem Hollywood Shuffle

RZA reflects on if Frank Lucas deserves respect, meeting T.I. for the first time, and everything American Gangster.


Spike Lee: When The Levees Broke

Spike Lee speaks on the making of his documentary about Hurricane Katrina. Is he fearing a backlash for speaking the truth?


OutKast Travels to Idlewild

Almost 30 million records sold and Outkast have decided to try something new. Not something new for just hip-hop, but for Hollywood as well...


Jimmy Rosemond: Henchmen No More

He manages the Game, was there the night Tupac. People say he's Hip Hop's new Villian...what does he say?


Uncle Luke: Penetrating The Industry

<b>Uncle Luke</b> speaks on his career change, his rap career and who is raping the South of its culture


Nick Cannon: Wild'n Out!

Nick Cannon talks about his new album, Kanye, Hyphy, Gossip & Rumors, Weapons and being in a gang(?)


Busta Rhymes: The Biggest Bang

Days before the shoot out at his video, Busta Rhymes speaks on Dr. Dre, cutting his hair and his Godly album


Memphis Bleek: I'm An Individual

Memphis Bleek steps up and airs out Camron, speaks on Dame and talks about his future being Jay-Z's protege


Cam Airs Jay-Z Out In Press Conference

<b>Cam'ron</b> held a press conference and spoke on the <b>Jay-Z</b> beef. Wanna know where it started? Read on...


Pitbull: M.I. Still A.M.I

Pitbull breaks down the supposed Latin Explosion, Bad Boy Latino, and why hip hop fans just can


50 Cent: Gettin' Richer

New movie, crying, nude prison fights, Satan, Mase, Mobb Deep


Hip-Hop's Finest Rock Radio City Music Hall

<b>Kanye West</b>, <b>Paul Wall</b> and others gave a "Boost" to 5,000 NYC area volunteers Saturday night.


Smif N Wessun: Reloaded

"A lot of people think that if they can


Sheek Louch: Switching Labels?

<b>Jay-Z</b> is trying to buy the <b>LOX</b> from Interscope. but <b>Puff</b> is bidding to get the <b>LOX</b> back!!! Who is going to Win???


Little Brother: Hip Hop In Blackface

Today, as far as music is concerned, the black face has been replaced with: guns, rims, pimpin'...when white people performed and painted their faces black and later on, when black people started performing those same minstrel shows; they HAD to paint their faces black. Where now, you don


Capone: Glory In The Pain

Me and <b>NORE</b> been doing our thing, throughout the bumps and bruises of being on <b>Penalty/Tommy Boy</b>...Tommy Boy being the dicks they was...not knowing what they were getting into and fucked our career up.


Cuban Link: Time To Shine

When I left the <b>Terror Squad</b> situation with Atlantic, a lot of doors slammed in my face...I had a lot of connections and they choose what they choose to do. <b>MOB</b> supports my music 100% and they try their hardest to make it happen. I wouldn


Jim Jones: #1 at Diplomat Records

Getting respect from Kevin Liles and Lyor Cohen is the least of Jim Jones' worries, with Puffy on his new album can he pay back the money that he took from others?

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