He’s produced hits for Tupac, Jay-Z, Xibit, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous and more. Now he’s set to change the game with his new group, Federation.

His resume is official: Jay-Z‘s “Change The Game,” Fabolous‘ “I Can’t Deny It,” Busta Rhymes‘ “Make It Clap,” Xzibit‘s “Symphony In X Major” and much more! Plus he just won an ASCAP Award for Busta Rhymes‘ “I Know What You Want” featuring Mariah Carey and he’s working on Mase‘s comeback album! HHDX takes notes. The man making BIG beats speaks!

What made you get into producing?

I started just loving the music. My uncle gave me a drum set when I was young. I just really took to it. That’s how I initially started. Then I started rapping when I was in Alabama and needed beats. And I started going to somebody to get the beats. Then I naturally progressed into doing them. It was a natural progression. I think what influenced me was the DJ Premiers in the early ’90s, the Dr. Dres, RZA.

You live in Sacramento. How’s the hip-hop scene out there? I always go to LA to work and it’s cracking for the music. You can jump in a lot of things. But here you can hone your craft and take over a spot and blow a spot up to the world that nobody’s ever seen. It’s really bleak out here right now. There’s nothing coming out of here. E-40‘s holding it down. We got to get the quality and innovation back. The Tony! Toni! Ton