Former HipHopDX Features Editor Andre Grant said in his “Defense Of The Struggle Rapper” editorial, “Out of all the things the Hip Hop web has vilified, the “struggle rapper” might be the least deserving of all that ridicule.” Before Kendrick Lamar became big enough for Barack Obama to sing his praises or Drake found himself making deals with Apple, they were artists without a significantly large fanbase attempting what seemed like the impossible. Hitting the top of the charts became a distant goal to making past one hundred streams of a song possibly made within the confines of their bedroom walls and gaining likes, re-post or anything else that would reach someone. Providing a weekly outlet for those getting their feet wet in the sometimes brutal sport of Hip Hop, allow us to give readers a look into tomorrow’s possibilities through “Up NeXt.”

22-Year-Old Has One Question: Why So Serious ?

Inspiration For Career

“At a young age I was playing football, so my pops was just telling me, ‘I will support you to the fullest, but you can’t do both rap and football.’ I was already rapping in middle school, but what made me take it so seriously was when I broke one of my fingers before freshman year of high school and they had to take me out of anything athletic – so at that point, I knew I was meant to rap. I told my dad I would take rap seriously and that’s where I went.”

Do you believe you have a shot at stardom?

“Yes, I feel like I got one foot in now, I feel like I’m almost there. I’m working on making a hit that will change everything – I have a few in the bag that we’ll need to push to become hits. I want to show people that I can rap my ass off, I have the potential.”


“I do have a follow-up project coming soon, but right now it’s all about Why So Serious?. Also, TGOD Vol 1 just dropped and I’ll be releasing some visuals from Why So Serious?

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