Every so often a hot, promising artist comes along and creates enough buzz for themselves that gains traction to demand national appearances and club dollars. Occasionally, one or two of those artists will actually turn the hype into an actual career. The latter scenario is exactly where Young Dolph–hailing from the 901–has comfortably nestled his burgeoning empire–Paper Route Empire to be exact–which has him positioned to take a big chunk of the available buzz in 2016.

The visionary behind street record favorites such as “Preach” and “Pulled Up” recently stopped by the DX Headquarters to lay out his existing blueprint to this year’s win(s) chart and he has a lot going for him. As he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming studio debut he also is enjoying success thanks to his appearance on Colonel Loud’s “California” (alongside T.I. and Ricco Barrino to boot!), he’s also seeing his own solo music get the shine his grind and manifested for him.

“Right now, I just dropped my new official single; that’s that ‘Get Paid’ featuring Reazy Renegade–it’s stupid,” he tells HipHopDX of the record, which will appear on the project that is being tentatively titled, The Weed Album. “I just shot the video too and I’m getting ready to release that in another week or two. It’s fitna be a big record; it’s fitna be a problem. You already know the catalog. The history. It’s been after bangers after bangers after bangers after bangers. [In] 2016, we focusing on more bangers. More top ten singles; more top twenty singles. And not just from me. From my artists as well. I’m just a rapper. I’m not just an artist. I’m a CEO. I got a record label and I got a couple artists signed. All of them got real-deal. Really, more than everything, I’m excited to showcase these talents that I got around me.”

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Of course, when your name is ringing out in the streets, you are bound to have some rather memorable moments in life. Dolph recently found himself in a pinch with the law and as punishment, he was forced to mentor a troubled teen who was heading down the wrong path without a rap career to fall back on. With a healthy smile, Dolph revealed that he got the entire encounter on film and he would be rolling out the footage in a unique way.

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