Young Dolph took to Instagram yesterday (January 12) to share pictures of him with a teenager who he claims the court ordered him to supervise for 24 hours.

“Went to court and da judge ordered for me to take this little kid in my custody for 24hrs…..” Young Dolph writes for the caption of one image. “His mom said he been skippin school and stealing n shit.”

The “Preach” rapper also posts about taking the teenager to his home.

“Why dis little bad muddaf*#er jus tell me ‘this house is cool but let’s go to the other one'” Young Dolph writes. “ME: ‘what other one’? HIM: ‘Your traphouse….. Duuuhhhh’!? ME: ‘Don’t make me put dis belt on your little ass’‼️”

Young Dolph was arrested in September for marijuana possession. It is not clear if this court order is from that case.