DJ Khaled is having the best time in his life. Led by the chart-topping “Hold You Down” (featuring Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, and Jeremih), the anthem king is prepping his eighth studio album, I Changed A Lot, which will undoubtedly feature a who’s who of rap. The consummate hustler, Khaled is adding to his lengthy resume with the new launch of his We The Best headphones, in conjunction with Danish audio purveyor Bang & Olufsen. During the launch, Khaled opened up to HipHopDX about his new venture and how personal evolution led to his new album.

DJ Khaled On We The Best Headphones

HipHopDX: You’ve described We The Best as the “Rolls Royce” of headphones. What kind of person should be rocking these headphones?

DJ Khaled: Every winner. Everybody that’s inspired to be great and love music. It’s every genre. Every race. Every texture. Every person. These headphones are something you’re gonna want and you’re gonna make it your goal to get it. I know when I was growing up, I always wanted certain things and I’d find a way to get it. These are the headphones that are hot.

DJ Khaled Talks I Changed A Lot

DX: Aside from headphones, you’re working on a new album called I Changed A Lot.

DJ Khaled: Yeah. I Changed A Lot. It’s not just an album It’s a movement. It’s inspiring. Like Jay Z said, “If you work this hard and you ain’t changed, then I don’t know what you’re doing.” You gotta change to be greater and continue to win more. I want to inspire my fans and the headphones is part of that movement too, you know?

DX: How have you changed?

DJ Khaled: I changed a lot, man. For instance, I’m trying to eat healthier. I’m in the gym. I’m making smarter decisions.

DX: What do you mean by smarter decisions?

DJ Khaled Reveals How He’s Making Better Decisions

DJ Khaled: When I say smarter decisions, meaning, I’m making sure I’m always making the right decision. If it’s a decision I have to make that moment or if it’s a day to think about it. I want to make the right decisions to further me in my career. Also, I changed just the way I think. I refuse to let somebody pull me down. I’m gong to embrace my blessings. I’m going to celebrate my wins. I’m gonna try and be happy. There’s times that we gotta pat ourselves on the back. We have to create that moment to be happy because, if we wait for somebody to do that we’re gonna be waiting a long time.

DX: Do you watch Oprah? I feel you would enjoy her Super Soul Sunday series about positive thinking and happiness.

DJ Khaled: I love Oprah. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch what you’re talking about, though.

DX: DVR it.

DJ Khaled: Okay. I would love to check it out.

DJ Khaled Explains Finding His Happiness

DX: Great. So how do you find your happiness?

DJ Khaled: My record [“Hold You Down”] just went #1 and I went to the Bahamas. I haven’t went on vacation in probably like, five years. Yeah. I haven’t been on vacation. I always say I want to and I never do. I went for five days and I had the best time of my life

DX: What did you do? Did you swim with dolphins?

DJ Khaled: Swam with dolphins. Swam every day in the pool, Jacuzzi. I had a 24-hour chef. Jet ski, parasail. Exercised. Just embracing life. Looking at houses on the water that I want. Just certain things that were inspiring and relaxing. We don’t realize how much we push ourselves and we have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Bettering our bodies and minds and enjoying life, besides working and winning so much. You have to enjoy it.

DX: Even the guy behind all of hip-hop’s celebration songs needs a day off.

DJ Khaled: Aw man. Let me tell you something. I don’t get no rest but that five days recharged me for…I’m 38 now, for the next 38 years.

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