Prolific Filipino rapper YB Neet asserts that he’s at the top of his game in Big Ape, his latest EP released today (October 14). In a Facebook post promoting the EP, he shared that the record has been a year in the making, and that it seemed like the “right time” to release it now. He initially teased the release via Facebook live in August.

He also announced a forthcoming music video for the EP’s opening track, “Sariling alon” (Own wave.) As of press time, no release date has been announced.

YB Neet’s incredibly viral collaboration with Ex Battalion member Flow G, “Dem Dayz” has amassed over a million views on YouTube, and continued to trend even months after its release.



Big Ape tracklist:

  1. Sariling Alon
  2. Alab ng puso
  3. Rearview
  4. Took a risk – From “Big Ape”
  5. Quicksand
  6. Rason

Listen to Big Ape here: