The nominees for the 13th Golden Indie Music Awards have been announced!

Taiwan’s Golden Indie Music Awards (also referred to as the GIMAs) are music awards for original music, aimed at encouraging local musicians to showcase their creativity. According to its organizers, “the awards are known for its three features: prioritizing Taiwanese music, prioritizing originality, and separating the categories by genres without considering languages.”

Since its inception in 2010, the GIMAs have “nurtured music creators of all types in Taiwan and is an important international music award that represents the […] diversity, and original creative energy of Taiwanese musicians.”


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Among those nominated are “The Regionals: Taipei” artists Kumachan, Karencici, and Julia Wu. Kumachan secured nominations for five categories, including Best Album, Best Singer-Songwriter, Best Hip Hop Album, Best Hip Hop Song, and Best Alternative Pop Song, together with singer-songwriter 9m88.

Karencici follows with nominations for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Song, while Julia Wu joins her in the nominations for Best R&B Album.

Check out the full list of nominees for the hip hop and R&B categories here:

Best Album

  1. Elephant Gym – Dreams
  2. Jerry Li – AI-CHING
  3. Kumachan – PRO
  4. Musa – ON
  6. LÜCY – LÜCY

Best Singer-Songwriter

  1. Zooey Wonder – Nomadland
  2. PIGHEADSKIN – Wuhan fucking COVID-19 VIRUS
  3. Jerry Li – AI-CHING
  4. Leaf Yeh – Live Like Me
  5. Kumachan – PRO

Best Hip Hop Album

  2. MC HotDog – Mr. Yao’s 8th Grade Syndrome
  3. Shadow Project – TAKE A BREATH
  4. Chang Wu – SUNSET
  5. Kumachan – PRO

Best Hip Hop Song

  1. E.SO – “Way Up”
  2. MC HotDog – “They Ain’t Rappers At All”
  3. Chang Wu – “Ghost”
  4. Kumachan – “Zenfire”
  5. Caotun Boys ft. Dwagie (prod. Huangfu) – “Feel”

Best R&B Album

  1. Karencici99% Angel
  2. It’s Your Fault – BLUE LEAK
  3. Haezee黃瑋昕 – LOVE MAZE
  4. Julia Wu – 2622

Best R&B Song

  1. Karencici – “99% Angel”
  2. Haezee黃瑋昕 ft. YELLOW – “Yuh Right”
  3. Matzka – “$500”
  4. LaLa Hsu ft. ABAO&Brandy – “Break Off”
  5. L8ching – “Real World”