Award-winning rapper Kumachan is no stranger to collaborations: one quick check and anyone can see his discography is chock-full of featured artists and producers that he continues to work with. The same is said for “The Regionals: Taipei,” where he shares the stage with fellow Taipei rappers and singers NICKTHEREAL, Julia Wu, and Karencici.

“I feel really honored to be on this project along with other talents like NICKTHEREAL, Karencici, and Julia Wu. During the initial discussion with Nick, we were talking about how to make this song more of a fun and chill vibe, and I really like the result we got,” he shares in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX Asia.

When he heard the other verses of his fellow artists, he says that he was pleasantly surprised with the various takes they had on the beat. “I remember when I first heard Karencici’s part, my mind was blown away. I even texted her saying how unpredictable and catchy her flow is. Also, Nick’s part is so on point and that’s very [much] his style. I wrote my part with Julia, and we think it really fits the vibe too. Overall, I think we all did a great job!”

Aside from being able to gel well with his collaborators, what got him on board was the news of Hit-Boy producing the track. It also shaped the vision he had for his verse. “I immediately agreed to be on board without any hesitation because it is such a pleasure to be able to work with him. Hearing the track for the first time, I knew right away that we [needed] to make this track unique and special to stand out from Hit-Boy’s usual work. It was challenging but also really fun during the whole process which I enjoyed a lot.”

“I’m always a fan and reader of HipHopDX because I always follow their podcasts and articles,” he continues, when asked about what he hopes The Regionals can achieve for Taipei’s hip hop and R&B scene. “I find it a really good and awesome opportunity to show who we are and where we come from musically and culturally. Hopefully, through this dope project, we can really show what we are doing here in Taiwan and let more people know about this international platform like HipHopDX.”

Catch Kumachan together with Julia Wu, NICKTHEREAL, and Karencici in the Taipei edition of the history-making cypher series, The Regionals premiering on HipHopDX Asia on September 23. Pre-save “The Regionals: Taipei” here and catch the music video premiere down below: