When singer-songwriter Julia Wu first heard the Hit-Boy-produced beat for “The Regionals: Taipei,” she knew almost immediately what melodies she wanted to use for her verse.

“It’s such a good-time and summer vibe kind of track, and it was really exciting to work on this one,” she shares in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX Asia. She joins her fellow Taiwanese hip hop and R&B stars NICKTHEREAL, Karencici, and Kumachan on Taipei’s edition of the first ever Pan-Asia cypher series.

“The Regionals: Taipei” marks her first time collaborating with NICKTHEREAL and Karencici. “I think it was super fun to have all 4 of us on this song and to have this chance to work with Hit-Boy and HipHopDX Asia…I think everyone has their own unique style for each part. Each of us shines through the song sonically, and it was really dope to put everything together.”

“It was really great to be able to work with an awesome producer like Hit-Boy and have this overseas collaboration,” she shares. When thinking about what the track might mean for the local hip hop and R&B scene being propelled to the international stage, she continues by saying that she “hopes through the song that more people will have a chance to get to know us and our music. I hope they will have a great time listening to this song because we were also having such a good time writing on it and doing the music video.”



Catch Julia Wu together with NICKTHEREAL, Kumachan, and Karencici in the Taipei edition of the history-making cypher series, The Regionals premiering on HipHopDX Asia on September 23. Pre-save “The Regionals: Taipei” here and catch the music video premiere down below: