The 2021 HipHopDX Rising Stars are becoming more known for their unique sounds, unexpected collaborations, and undeniable consistency. The Rising Stars have been letting their personalities shine through, and are on the cusp of becoming personalities that people can relate to, beyond the music.

Updating readers each week on the talented bunch’s latest music, accomplishments and even setbacks, DX has given fans an ongoing-series of raw updates where they can never miss a beat.

You may have seen many of the Rising Stars drop their 2021 XXL Freshman class freestyles this week, but DX has had these promising bar-spitters on our radar for a while now.

By now it is obvious that most freestyles have been pre-written for on-the-spot spitting on any given beat. However, freestyle rapping is still entertaining to hear as you get to see which rappers can switch up their flow, and carry a random beat at any time.

Let’s take a stroll down memory-lane of a few fire freestyles from the Rising Stars that just may have topped the freestyles they dropped this week (in no particular order).

Toosii’s Funk Flex Freestyle [2020]

2021 HipHopDX Rising Star Toosii joined Hot 97‘s Funk Flex for a radio freestyle back in 2020.

Coming in as freestyle #154 following Sosa Geek’s freestyle, at 3:44 Toosii calmly raps the bars, “Who you gon’ call when the reaper come, I did my dirt and had repercussions, ain’t in the streets no more but its smoke due, we bringing out big shit like we the Russians. Know them boys on the east kinda scared of a n-gga, we spin on they block they don’t see it coming, just pull out them halos they go from high low, it aint no point in you ducking..”

Watch his full freestyle above.

Flo Milli’s 2020 BET HipHop Awards “Hot New Crew” Cypher [2020]

Last year, 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star Flo Milli joined the BET HipHop Awards “Hot New Crew” cypher and grew pretty quickly afterwards.

Flo Milli, who was nominated for Best New HipHop Artist last year and Best New Artist this year, rapped alongside Ade’, Buddy and Deante Hitchcock in the three minute and 55 second segment.

The Alabama-bred star rapped “Talking money well then let your money do the talking, let’s see what your mouth can afford, made a couple mill’ on the way up, just imagine what I’ll make off a tour. They don’t understand when I’m counting bands, pop off the rubber like I like it raw, I’m the new bitch all these n-ggas adore.”

Watch her cypher freestyle above.

Morray’s Funny “UK Drill” Insta-Story Freestyle [2021]

2021 HipHopDX Rising Star Morray‘s infectious personality is undeniably a reason to love him.

Earlier this year, Morray took to his Instagram story to have a little fun with the UK-drill sound. Hilariously, the North Carolina native switched up his accent a bit as he rapped the bars, “P-ssy man don’t want no smoke, you know damn well you not like that, I got guns to hit you both…”

The accent is so bad that it’s hard to make out what he’s saying towards the end of the freestyle, but it will sure make you laugh. Morray is known for his raw lyrical melodies that have turned some of the biggest rappers into fans of his work.

He’s allowed to have a little fun.

Morray Documents Pre-Web Fame Rap Hustle That Got Him On JAY-Z, J. Cole & DaBaby's Radar

Watch his funny freestyle above.

DDG’s Westwood Freestyle [2019]

The man of many talents, 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star DDG, is known for dropping consistent freestyles.

In 2019, DDG dropped a freestyle over UK rapper Aitch’s “Straight Rhymez” beat on Capital XTRA’s radio show with Tim Westwood. The Rising Star requested a “London” beat and then rapped, “Going hella dummy in London I spent like 10 bands, n-gga claim he poppin’ but really only got 10 fans. Smoking on this cookie jalado I got like 10 strands, bright ass smile the dentist tax me like 10 grand.”

Watch his freestyle above.

42 Dugg’s Instagram Story Freestyle Audio [2019]

2021 HipHopDX Rising Star 42 Dugg isn’t really known for his lyrical skill, but more so for his hooks and melodies.

In 2019, 42 Dugg rapped over a Michigan Meech-produced beat via Instagram Live allegedly, and the freestyle made its way to YouTube some how.

42, whom is very vocal about some of the things he has gone through on the streets of Detroit, rapped, “Bitch I just did six, came home talking shit, where the weed at where the bricks, where the fiends at where the licks? …”

Listen to the entire freestyle above.

Blxst’s “Free Thoughts” Instagram Freestyle [2019]


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2021 HipHopDX Rising Star Blxst is another artist that is championed for his hooks and melodies, but he can spit too.

In 2019, Blxst posted a ‘Free Thoughts” rap to his Instagram and received much love for his lyrical ability. The Los Angeles rapper took to Common’s “Go” beat and said the bars, “Blxst finna go nuts out the concrete, rose up, it’s finna get real I don’t joke much. I don’t wanna boast but, we the ones that they won’t touch, y’all want smoke? Thats a roach blunt.”

Watch his “Free Thoughts” above.

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