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DJ Envy Says 'I Did Feel Guilty' About Gia Casey's Traumatic Face Slashing In New Book

"Sometimes I want revenge," The Breakfast Club co-host tells HipHopDX. "I want you to feel some type of pain for what you did, but yes I did feel guilty."


Kali Reveals How Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Have Influenced Her 'Toxic Chocolate' Career

"I want to work with all the rap girls and all of our female artists. I feel like as you said, we're taking over."


HipHopDX's Rising Stars 2022: Our 10 Best New Rappers Building Their Empire

For the remainder of 2022, HipHopDX will chronicle the careers of these 10 promising rappers. They are the Rising Stars 2022.


Morray, BLEU, Blxst, 42 Dugg + More: The 2021 DX Rising Stars Wrap-Up

Read how the 2021 DX Rising Stars wrapped up the most important year of their career this far.


'BMF' Star Lil Meech Shares His Aspirations To Play A Super Hero + His Craziest DM From Fan

#DXCLUSIVE: Lil Meech revealed a fan quoted him from a B.M.F. episode as a pick line in his Instagram DM.


Flo Milli Partners With Amazon Music & HYPEBEAST For Exclusive Merch Line + More From The DX Rising Stars

As the 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star year comes to an end, a few of the Rising Stars have decided to meet new milestones before the ball drops.


'BMF' Star Lil Meech Says 50 Cent Is 'Like A Big Brother & Dad' To Him

The popular Starz drama is returning for a second season under the vision of the legendary rapper.


Morray Earns 2 Grammy Noms For J. Cole's 'My.Life' + More From The DX Rising Stars

It seems the sky is the limit for the 2021 Rising Stars.


'BMF' Star Lil Meech Admits He Was Rich Growing Up - But Didn't Know About Big Meech's Empire

"I just knew I had a cool, fun dad that had a lot of cars and a lot of houses, and we would just go a lot of places. I had no idea what he was doing."


DDG Brings Out Blueface At Day N Vegas Festival + More From The DX Rising Stars

The Day N Vegas festival included DX Rising Stars DDG, Flo Milli, Toosii, Sleepy Hallow and Blxst.


Flo Milli Recreates 'Flavor Of Love' Scene In 'Ice Baby' Video + More From The DX Rising Stars

Here's what Flo Milli and the rest of the #DXRISINGSTARS have been up to this week.


Flo Milli Debuted New 'Ice Baby' Single On A COLORS Show + More From The DX Rising Stars

Here's what Rising Stars Flo Milli, Foogiano & DDG have been up this week.


BLEU Has A Monkey Now & Even Made 'Moon' An Instagram Account

Here's what 2021 DX Rising Stars BLEU & Toosii have been up to this week.


BLEU Wins Best New Hip Hop Artist + Toosii & Sleepy Hallow Show Off BET Cypher Skills

Here's what DX's Rising Stars BLEU, Toosii and Sleepy Hallow have been up to this week.


Foogiano Combating 5-Year Sentence On 'So Icy Boyz' Album With Gucci Mane & The New 1017

BigWalkDog, BiC Fizzle, Hotboy Wes, Big Scarr and the equally incarcerated Pooh Sheisty are also on the project!


Snoop Dogg Says Blxst 'Got the Key To The City' + Morray Links With Drake While On Tour With J. Cole

Blxst and Morray each received huge co-signs this week while on tour.


Sleepy Hallow Drops Touching Skid Row Video + Foogiano Features on Zaytoven's 'Pack Just Landed Vol. 3'

Sleepy Hallow Gives Back as Foogiano is still pulling singles from behind bars this week.


2Pac's Nephew Malik Shakur Is An Actor - But Has No Desire To Play His Late Uncle

Malik Shakur also shares why he hasn't unleashed a slew of Tupac memorabilia.


BLEU, Morray, Blxst + More Receive 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards Nominations

Congrats are in order for 2021 Hip Hop DX Rising Stars BLEU, Blxst and Morray on their BET nominations!


Yung Bleu, Flo Milli, DDG, 42 Dugg + More: Why 2021 DX Rising Stars Are The Best New Rappers

Eight months ago HipHopDX told you about our 10 Rising Stars, and here's why we were right about them.

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