Lord Jamar has a history of sparking heated debates with his often controversial takes on Hip Hop culture, especially when it comes to Eminem.

Fine. He can have his opinions.

But when you go on the RapMatic show — hosted by Battle Code’s Bosschick Raine (A WOMAN) — and emphatically state, “I don’t fuck with female rappers” then follow it up with, “Hip Hop is the masculine side of black music and R&B is the feminine side,” that’s where it gets murky.

Women have been at the forefront of the culture since its inception — from Cindy Campbell who was instrumental in throwing the infamous Kool Herc party on August 11, 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick to MC Sha Rock with the Funky Four +1. 

While the Brand Nubian MC calls Rah Digga and Bahamadia “dope,” he insists there’s no reason for him to listen to their music because he can’t relate. How would he know they’re “dope” if he NEVER dove into their catalog?

Let’s call the spade a sharp object — Lord Jamar has been tarnishing his Hip Hop legacy interview-by-interview for years. It’s reaching the point where his seemingly new role as an attention-seeking troll isn’t simply ridiculous, it’s downright sad.

Like Royce Da 5’9 said about Jamar’s recent VladTV interview, “You a legend in the game, you part of a legendary group. You going and sitting in this man’s couch, sitting in this man’s chair, and you running up these views cause you got so much controversial shit to say about one fuckin’ person.

“[Vlad] walks away with the check and you walk away craving attention. I don’t even like seeing niggas in that space. I don’t like seeing you in that space brutha.” 

But here we are. It could be argued Lord Jamar hasn’t contributed to a celebrated album since 1990’s One For All or 1993’s In God We Trust. It seems he’d rather tear apart other MCs who are contributing to the culture than actually pick up a mic and spit some real shit. Here he is dismissing female rappers because of their content when he isn’t even creating any. In fact, it’s been 13 years since he dropped his one and only solo project, The 5% Album. 

He also had the nerve to say all women basically rap about is makeup and going to the club. Has he heard Rapsody’s EVE? Has he truly listened to Bahamadia’s latest single “We Here?”

Clearly not.

As Lord Jamar told Raine, “Do I want to listen to a female rhyming about female shit? It doesn’t resonate with me. When I get ready to go to a club, I’m not putting on my lipstick. That’s what a girl would say.

“Like I said, I’m an alpha male so certain themes are not going to resonate with me — female themes, themes of sucker shit, white people themes — like there’s a lot of shit that I wouldn’t resonate with.”

Jamar continued, “Hip Hop is about men talking to other men. It’s alpha males talking to other alpha males. I’m not excluding women but they weren’t dominating shit. They were abnormal! I don’t want my girls telling me about man shit. 

“I don’t want children telling me about man shit. That’s why I can’t listen to these little niggas. I can’t let no young nigga tell me how to move in this world nor am I going to let a female tell me about man shit.”

And here’s another flagrant statement, “Y’all are the only ones who have a problem with this.”

Really? So Lord Jamar believes women are only the people who would take issue with his close-minded comments? There are plenty of men who can easily see through his bullshit. Royce is one of them. And so is former DX editor Andreas Hale. 

As Lord Jamar continues to hop from chair to chair pontificating about other people’s careers, maybe he should take a look in the mirror. His ship is sinking — maybe it’s time for him to slow down.