HipHopDX Premiere – Bahamadia is back with a vengeance — but really, did she ever leave?

Although it’s been a minute since we’ve had a proper studio album from the Philly Hip Hop legend, she’s been tirelessly at work behind the scenes running her B-Girl Records imprint, rocking mics, starring in documentaries, putting out projects such as 2017’s DIALED UP 2 and, yes, finishing her long-awaited album.

Now, Bahamadia is poised to take 2019 by storm with HERE, her first album since 2005’s Good Rap Music. Ahead of its release, the supreme lyricist has unleashed a video for “We Here,” a powerful, take-no-prisoners anthem intended to shine a spotlight on the gender inequality that’s always dominated Hip Hop.

“This is the official anthem for women of the authentic b-girl aesthetic in Hip Hop movement/culture,” Bahamadia tells HipHopDX. “It is a celebratory tribute to the diversity of women who’ve existed, contributed to and maintained the pulse of industry and art associated with culture of all disciplines.”

“The song itself was written in 2006 or so originally to a loop Psycho Les of the Beatnuts did. Les didn’t follow through, which led to deciding to demo the song with an indie beatmaker who missed the mark sound wise.

“Several years later, I took the a cappella version to my mentee at the time who laced it.”

Throughout the Olise Forel-directed video, Bahamadia pays tribute to both her predecessors and successors — including MC Sha-Rock, Queen Latifah, Antoinette, Salt-N-Pepa, Jean Grae, Sa-Roc, Rapsody and even blossoming purveyors of the culture such as DJ Kool Flash and Chika. 

HERE serves as her fourth solo project on B-Girl Records and is expected to arrive this fall.

Until then, peep the “We Here” video above and look for more from Bahamadia soon.