Twitter: home of Lil B curses, the occasional Kanye West rant and where trigger fingers turn to … you know the rest. Over time, rap has made its presence known on Twitter while providing artists with a platform to directly connect with countless fans now at 280 characters at a time.

Our favorite artists, entertainers and influencers use the site as an outlet to vent without a filter, as well as to promote their latest work. With 330 million monthly active users to interact with, feeds can sometimes get overwhelming, which is why HipHopDX curates a list of the week’s best and most memorable tweets from the Hip Hop world.

This week’s installment of Tweets Is Watching includes Jhené Aiko pregnancy rumors and Lil Pump’s mugshot.

Jhené Aiko Clears The Air

After fans overheard Aiko’s friend saying something about a “gender reveal” on Instagram Live, Aiko tweeted, “no my sister @MilaJ is trolling stooooooooop.”

Lil Pump’s Mugshot

Pump was entertained his 2018 mugshot was the photo chosen for Wikipedia.

Vince Staples Is A Fan of Flume

Vince cosigns Flume.

Meek Mill’s Fitness Advice

Meek offers some words of encouragement.

Wale’s Secret To Long Hair

Now we know.

2 Chainz Has Jokes

2 Chainz reposted a burn about women’s wigs.

Wiz Khalifa’s Brags About His Meeting Attire

Wiz conducts business differently than most people.