Anyone with an Instagram can tell you that some of the most cringe-worthy accounts are from people who flex way too hard.

Especially when it comes to celebrities.

So, when a celebrity uses the platform to be silly, spontaneous, and a little self-deprecating, it’s a breath of fresh air. Will Smith has accomplished many remarkable things in his multi-decade career: he’s the first rapper to ever win a Grammy, starred in a timeless sitcom, and has been nominated for two Academy Awards. Now, he can add another accolade to his expansive CV: having the Greatest Instagram Ever. Since famously announcing his page on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Big Will has taken the platform to new heights.

Here are some of The Fresh Prince’s greatest social media hits.

Never A Dull Moment

#tbt 2014 ~ God Placed the Best Things in Life on the Other Side of FEAR!

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Whether he’s skydiving into the Grand Canyon or snapping photos at the top of historic landmarks, Smith is living his best life and is more than happy to invite his fans along for the ride. Much like his hit movies, these posts are a high budget affair. He has enlisted a team of professional videographers and editors who make his posts look slick and epic.

He’s Our Hip Hop National Treasure

It’s @just a family affair

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Moscow #WorldCup ?: @aidan

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Smith cemented his status as the international face of Hip Hop with a feature on the catchy World Cup 2018 anthem, “Live It Up.” He joined Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi on stage at the World Cup closing ceremony in Moscow in front of millions. The Fresh Prince used his Instagram to give his fans a peek behind the curtain of the triumphant moment. He posted a photo of him watching the game with Jaden, a video of him getting hyped in front of Luzhniki Stadium, and even took a moment to gather fans to congratulate Cardi B and Offset on the birth of their daughter, Kulture. Regardless of where he’s at, it’s clear that Smith is more than happy to fulfill his duties as Hip Hop’s National Treasure.

He’s Got Jokes (Naturally)

Smith doesn’t take himself too seriously. And with four decades in the entertainment industry, he’s got a bunch of self-referential pop culture jokes in his arsenal. On Fourth of July, he posted a #throwback pic of him and Independence Day co-star Jeff Goldblum with the humorous caption “You’re Welcome, America!” When he met Sophia the Robot, he joked how she wasn’t “feelin’” him because of his “history” with robots. In response to the “backpack kid” dance meme, he posted a hilarious video of his barber butchering the dance. While other Instagrams are content with recycling jokes and posting screenshots of the same old memes, Smith is serving up fresh content that feels like it can’t possibly come from anyone else.

He Makes Being A Goofy Dad Into An Artform

Smith is clearly very proud of everything Jaden and Willow have accomplished. But he’s also not afraid to poke fun at them and be the goofiest of dads. To celebrate his son’s studio debut Syre reaching 100,000,000 streams on Spotify, the Men in Black legend posted his own version of Jaden’s “Icon” video in which he emulated his son’s avant-garde style.

Hometown Pride


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Though he now lives in the land of the Kardashians and Açaí bowls, Smith makes it no secret who he’s always rooting for — his hometown of Philadelphia. Back in February, when the Eagles played the Patriots at the Super Bowl, he posted over the top, amusing videos of getting hype for Game Day. Even if you’re not an Eagles fan, the clips are relatable because everyone has been at the moment where they’ve been so devoted to a team.

He Gets Philosophical Without Being Pretentious

SELF-Esteem. Thoughts?

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For all of Smith’s wacky content, he’s also making sure to give his millions of fans a little substance. He peppers his feed with motivational music about topics like self-esteem, his career, and how his daughter changed his outlook on life. These videos show a different side to the performer that isn’t seen in his blockbuster movies or albums.

Gettin’ Jiggy In His Feelings

Last but not least, Smith keeps up with memes but gives it his no twist. On his last day in Budapest, he decided to do his own rendering of the notorious #InMyFeelings challenge that’s been taking over the internet. Naturally, in true Smith fashion, he’s dancing to Drake’s Billboard chart-topper on top of a bridge with a gorgeous view of the city.

If you still find it in your heart to hate on The Fresh Prince, don’t trip. Sit back and relive this classic #DXBreakdown, “Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory.” You may learn a thing or two about yourself.