Here’s a mind-blowing fact for you: Eminem is the second highest-selling male artist of all time right behind Garth Brooks.

Yep. That’s a lot of Marshall Mathers LPs sold, among records and ringtones.

Truth be told, even with the success, Eminem doesn’t get a lot of credit for being a viable record label boss. Sure, popularity is known to bleed across fanbases when it comes to Hip Hop but given the (platinum) touch he had with 50 Cent (which bled over throughout G-Unit), Obie Trice, D-12 and several others, his attention to detail as an executive producer should never be undermined.

In light of his recent BET Hip Hop Awards lyrical exposé, refamiliarize yourself with the artists currently signed/affiliated with Shady Records down below.

Bad Meets Evil

bad meets evil eminem royce

Year Signed: 2011

Members: Royce Da 5’9 & Eminem

Notable Songs: “Lighters” (featuring Bruno Mars); “Fast Lane”; “Renegade” (Original Version)

Career Highlights: 2011’s “Lighters” (featuring Bruno Mars) peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100; Overcame a feud within Detroit’s city limits

Royce Da 5’9 has emerged as one of the most reliable quality control MCs this decade and his longstanding relationship with Slim has always proven to keep some level of anticipation going. Their Billboard success (“Nuttin’ to Do”) and the glitzy “Lighters” barely scratched the surface on what these two can do accomplish. Lyrically, at least.


eminem d-12 proof

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Year Signed: 1999

Members: Eminem, Bizarre, Mr. Porter, Kuniva, Swifty McVay (Former: Proof, Bugz, Fuzz Scoota)

Notable Songs: “Purple Pills”; “Shit On You”; “Quitter” (Everlast Diss)

Career Highlights: Both albums Devil’s Night (2001) and
D-12 World (2004) debuted at No. 1 on Billboard 200, selling 372K copies and 544K during first week, respectively

The Detroit collective to which Eminem originally spawned from always were overshadowed by their more outspoken leader, but there have been a plethora of zany and unpredictable bars along the years. That’s not even mentioning one of the most memorable hype men in all of Hip Hop in the late Proof.

Boogie (not A Boogie Wit A Hoodie)

boogie eminem shady records

Year Signed: 2017

Notable Songs: “Oh My”; “Sunroof” (featuring Dana Williams); “Nigga Needs”

Career Highlights: Created organic buzz with his two projects, Thirst 48 (2014) and The Reach (2015); Carrying on Compton’s storied Hip Hop history

With all the talent he’s exhibited in his short career, Westside Boogie has been most criticized for his lack of consistent content, especially when stacked amongst his fellow Cali rap neighbors. But the reasoning was revealed a few days ago following Eminem’s Trump-roasting freestyle when Boogie announced that he signed with Shady. The rest, should be, a great history.


slaughterhouse greychildlife

Photo: @greychildlife

Year Signed: 2011

Members: Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, KXNG Crooked, Royce Da 5’9

Notable Songs: “Microphone”; “Psychopath Killer”; “Hammer Dance”

Career Highlights: Appearing behind Eminem in Drake’s “Forever” video; Arguably the most talented Hip Hop supergroup of all-time

Merging their indie powerhouse talents to the major stage seemed like a good idea on paper for the four-man collective but it since hasn’t translated into a viable moment, with no signs of picking up steam. (Their Instagram page hasn’t even updated in two years.) It’ll be a classic case of best to never do it should they decide to stay on ice for good.


yelawolf 2017

Year Signed: 2011

Notable Songs: “Till It’s Gone”; “Hard White (Up in the Club)”; “Pop the Trunk”

Career Highlights: Broke through “internet rapper” era with 2010 mixtape Trunk Muzik; 2014 single “Till It’s Gone” featured on Sons of Anarchy

From his Trunk Muzik breakthrough to the present day, Catfish Billy has seen his share of ups and downs just like any passionate artist who’s ever tasted the limelight. But his unique redneck sensibilities that still manage to comfortably fall underneath Hip Hop’s umbrella have made him a fan favorite as well as a delightful breath of unpredictability over the years. His upcoming album looks to put him back in the driver’s seat of his career.

Hall N’ Nash

westside gunn conway eminem

Year Signed: 2017

Members: Westside Gunn & Conway

Notable Songs: “Mr. T”; “Air Holez”; “50 Inch Zenith” (featuring Skyzoo)

Career Highlights: Launched indie label Griselda Records in 2014; Caught the attention of Eminem, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Anderson .Paak, Mobb Deep; Became first rappers from Buffalo to sign to major label

Team Griselda has proven that the bare bones approach of Hip Hop still works but can the flygods move units to the masses? Stay. Tuned.


Year Created Shady Records: 1999*

Notable Songs: Just Google one

Career Highlights: Best-selling rapper of all-time; Consistently mentioned in GOAT conversations; Once had some alone time with Mariah Carey

The career highlights speak for themselves. Also, he has a new album coming out.

*Original publishing of this article attributed Eminem’s to founding Shady in 1990. The 9 and 0 are right next to each other on the keyboard. Sorry about that!