While Nas was out celebrating his 44th birthday in style with Nicki Minaj and his 1988 190E Mercedes-Benz, the #DXLive staff was busy ranking Esco’s discography. Jake Rohn, Trent Clark and Marcel Williams took on the daunting task of deciding which albums would slot after Illmatic in a ranking of his entire discography.

Well, almost.

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As it was with sorting through JAY-Z’s discography, Jake decided to be controversial and place Illmatic in the runner-up position. He also ranked The Lost Tapes as Escobar’s eighth-best album as opposed to Marcel (that’s me), who had it ranked as fourth, and Trent, who placed the cutting room floor album as Nas’ third best project.

The debate became contentious when Trent chose to slot It Was Written not only out of the top three but in the fifth spot below God’s Son. The group was in agreement on Nas’ latest effort, Life Is Good, but viewers were none too happy that the trio placed Nasir’s most recent album among the bottom of his discography. Where the team largely agreed was the placement of both Nastradamus and Street’s Disciple as Nasty Nas’ worst LPs.

So who got it right? How do you rank the discography of one of Hip Hop’s most storied MCs? Let us know in the comments.