As if Jay-Z’s 4:44 album hasn’t already sparked enough headlines, his entire catalog found itself at the center of a great debate as Trent Clark, Marcel Williams and Jake Rohn took it upon themselves to rank the legendary MC’s entire solo discography from start to finish.

Things Get Heated When #DXLive Ranks JAY-Z’s Albums

Rounding out the bottom of the list across the board were unsurprisingly 2013’s Samsung extravaganza, Magna Carta Holy Grail and the culmination of the self-proclaimed “worst retirement ever,” Kingdom Come.

And, of course, Hov’s debut opus Reasonable Doubt came in at number one for Jake and Marcel and number two for Trent. But in between the discussion, all hell broke loose as the three bickered over Jay’s mid-career efforts like The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, Hard Knock Life: Vol. 2 and American Gangster.

Jake (that’s me) caused the most controversy when he ranked The Blueprint (Trent’s number one pick) at number seven, citing the album’s repetitive tempo, lack of superior one-liners and one of Timbaland’s most underwhelming beats to date as his so-called rationale. 2003’s scene-stealing The Black Album (Marcel #5, Jake #2, Trent #7) was also another point of contention.

Today during #DXLive, @itsmetc15 @whutupdoe and @jsrohn ranked #JayZ's albums! Who got it right?

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The debate remained intense throughout and although the three remain friends, no love is ever lost when it comes to ranking one of the greatest rappers of all time’s amaranthine body of work. (And that’s without including Jay’s collaborative albums.)

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