Tyga’s career is still consumed by the time he spent with Kylie Jenner. His on again, off again relationship with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has led to his music only being worthy of attention in relation to how it affects Jenner.

The latest example of this occurred over the weekend when Tyga released the Vince Staples-assisted “Playboy.” Gossip sites jumped at the opportunity to read into innocuous rhymes and assert that they were referencing Jenner.

Below are the lyrics that multiple sites have claimed are about Tyga’s ex-girl.

Super freak in my passenger
She a superstar and got it bad for me
If I hang up she call right back to me
You cut her legs off she crawl right back to me

As you can hear and read, there’s a lot of hoops you have to jump through to make that into a Jenner diss. The lyrics are typical for Tyga with generic boasting about the kind of women he gets. But due to Tyga’s role in the relentless Kardashian news cycle over the last two to three years, he now operates in a territory where his music is not about him.

Unlike Kanye West – whose stardom transcends the Kardashian circle despite being married to the most famous member of the family – Tyga’s career did not reach the type of heights that would allow him to be more than a player in the Kardashian game. While 2012’s “Rack City” was an undeniable hit, it did not make Tyga into one of Hip Hop’s top names or stamp out a legacy. This is why his recent music has always taken a back seat to coverage of his relationship with Jenner.

For Tyga to exorcise this albatross from his career, he needs to do something that changes the narrative. Time away from the Kardashians will obviously help, but it could be years before he’s no longer a factor in the Kardashian story like Atlanta Hawks forward and Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries.

Tyga’s best bet is to switch up his style and create a new lane for himself. He could take notes on how Tity Boi reinvented himself as 2 Chainz. Or if that’s too far, Tyga might simply face things head on by addressing his Jenner relationship in a song. Put it all out there and let it be done. Unless something changes, his rap exploits will continue to play second fiddle to fodder for tabloids.