Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Tyga has had some pathetic career moments. It’s been fun watching his ironically titled debut No Introduction flop harder than a winning game of dominoes, get chain jacked by 40 Glocc and become the but of everyone’s jokes. Regardless, he’s been able to have some form of luck. “Rack City” essentially launched DJ Mustard from buzzing local L.A. beatmaker to much sought after hitmaker and Tyga managed to sneak his way into the Kardashian clan through his stripper baby momma. Even his Last Kings clothing brand has been doing alright. With that in mind, someone out there likes Tyga. Like many artists of the social media and blogging age, there are those more concerned with personal lives than the music itself. In Tyga’s case, it’s understandable to become more interested in his personal life than musical output.

And, here we are now. Just one day after some leaked photos made the Internet rounds of his alleged relationship with a transexual actress, the memes and jokes became rampant. They were hilarious at first simply because of the ridiculous the situation was presented. A rapper gets caught cheating on his underaged girlfriend he gained by ditching his stripper baby momma with a tranny? Plus nude leaks? That sounds like a bad subplot from Empire. From a common sense perspective: Who cares? There’s something wrong in Hip Hop when a relationship with a transexual becomes the final nail in the coffin for a career. Despite Tyga’s music or public actions not working well in his favor, the way everyone is responding to this situation just reeks of immaturity. There’s something suspicious when people are more concerned with Tyga’s possible tranny love than the fact he’s currently in a relationship with someone legally underage. Then again, we’ve seen this before. R Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 14 and was later accused of creating a sex tape with a minor. Till this day, the Chicago singer’s career has remained intact.

Historically, Hip Hop’s homophobia have been linked to its transphobia. Especially with the recent spectacle that became Caityln Jenner. While everyone from 50 Cent and Plies made lighthearted jokes regarding the news, it was an uneasy feeling hearing Lord Jamar call Jenner’s transition “sickening” or Timbaland not respecting her change. Years back, it was pretty funny watching Hip Hop react to Mister Cees issues with transexuals. Now, the situation is heartbreaking considering his career was nearly destroyed over something as minimal as sexual preference. Hell, the last legs of Chingy’s career was destroyed by rumors of him being in a relationship with a transexual which later turned out to be fabricated. The fact that livelihoods are being taken by perceived sexual preference sounds behind the times. Maturity regarding sexual preference and identity doesn’t necessary mean one has to partake in that specific lifestyle. It’s 2015, maybe it’s time Hip Hop grows up, accepts social change and respect one’s own life choices. Now, let’s get back to clowning about how bad The Gold Album is please.

Ural Garrett is a Los Angeles-based journalist and HipHopDX’s Senior Features Writer. When not covering music, video games, films and the community at large, he’s in the kitchen baking like Anita. Follow him on Twitter @Uralg.