Those in the Hip Hop community reacted to the reveal of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) with a series of memes and other social media posts.

Virginia beatsmith Timbaland opted for the “His Momma Named Him Bruce, I’mma Call Him Bruce” meme inspired by a quote from the film, Coming To America.

Timbaland, who caught a great deal of backlash over the meme, did show his support for Jenner by adding the following caption to his Instagram upload: “This was a repost I thought was funny I’m not making fun of him I support him but stop it we can all laugh sometime dammmmm it’s just a dam repost someone sent to me !!!!!”

G-Unit helmsman 50 Cent also took a humorous approach to Jenner’s transformation. In a meme he posted to Instagram, a side-by-side picture of Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner is featured, along with the following text over Kris’ picture: “Hold the fuck up how this bitch look better than me.”

Radio personality and The Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne Tha God was one of the most vocal with their commentary. The radio host posted a number of tweets, and even attempted to introduce Transgender Crush Tuesdays.

“People will use the Bible to tell you why you may be going to hell but when it comes to their own sins it’s ‘Thou Shall Not Judge.’ If I did believe in heaven or hell I would make sure I was getting in heaven before I tell someone they not,” Charlamagne said in a handful of tweets sent on June 1.

Jenner revealed herself as Caitlyn in a 22-page cover story for Vanity Fair magazine.

Ain't No Bruce Bihhhh….. #Plies #DaLastRealNiggaLeft

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Bruce Jenner look better than Kris Jenner….

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