A few weeks after saying he was disappointed in Timbaland for airing out an unreleased version of his “Movin’ Bass” collaboration with Jay Z, Rick Ross followed up on a Tweet sent by the official Maybach Music Group Twitter account taking aim with the producer’s own Mosley Music Group branding.

Yesterday (December 6), Timbaland posted a promo image of his own Mosley Music Group label on Instagram.

Despite sharing the same acronym as Ross’ MMG, Timbaland’s label, which was initially distributed by Interscope Geffen A&M and is now in partnership with Epic Records, was originally established in 2006, a full three years before the release of Maybach Music Group’s first album in 2009. (A separate independent Hip Hop label called Mello Music Group was formed in 2007 and continues to operate today.)

Yesterday afternoon, the official Maybach Music Group Twitter account posted an image of Timbaland’s Instagram photo and wrote, “Does Super Producer @Timbaland wanna be us?”

Shortly after, Rick Ross followed with his own Tweet with the hashtag #WhereMagoo, an apparently underhanded reference to Timbaland’s longtime collaborator and rapper.

Late last month, Rick Ross joined Sway Calloway and Rob Markman at the YouTube Space New York for a Google Hangout session promoting the release of his new Hood Billionaire album. When asked about the unreleased version of “Movin’ Bass” featuring Timbaland’s artist Tink, Rick Ross explained how that version came about and why he was disappointed to see it released.

“Timbaland released his version, I was real disappointed in hearing [that],” Ross said. “Me and Jay created the original version. That’s one of the records we vibed up when we had a couple sessions. Of course Timbaland produced it and had the production on it for a little while, I went by the studio before, he played me the [alternate] version. I was like, ‘I see what you did, but chill on that. We doing our thing on that.’ I was disappointed in homie on that.”

When asked about the perception that the Tink-featuring version was the original song, Rick Ross said, “That was one of the things I was disappointed in homie. We bigger than that. We bosses. I expect homie to clarify that whenever he make his rounds. But most definitely me and Jay did that record. It is what it is.” He later said, “He gotta handle that. He gotta fix that. He most definitely gotta fix that.”

Watch the video below.