Chris Rock was recently asked his list of top five rappers of all-time. The actor told MTV News without hesitation that the crown belongs to Jay Z. 

Jay Z’s the best rapper ever,” says Rock, whose Top 5 film is slated to open December 12 and is co-produced by Jay Z and Kanye West. “It’s just what it is. It’s just kinda indisputable. It’s boring. It is boring to say he’s the best rapper ever.” 

Rock continues that Hov’s frequent collaborator Kanye West is a close second and is the “most interesting guy that ever picked up a mic.” 

“Kanye’s getting on him,” Rock says. “Kanye may eventually pass him.” 

To round out the list, the comedian selected KRS-One because of the personal impact the Bronx rapper has had on Rock’s life. Fourth place belongs to Scarface because of his identity with the Houston Rap scene. Rock claims that fifth place is always in rotation, but he named Ice Cube, saying he is “amazing.” 

“Ice Cube not only wrote all of N.W.A’s stuff,” Rock says, “all of his stuff, he also wrote Eazy-E’s stuff, which is like Prince writing Morris Day, Time records. Like that’s like a whole nother persona.”

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