Yung Miami has called Akademiks out for bringing her name into his comments on the arrival of Diddy’s sixth child and insinuating that it upset her.

After news broke on Saturday (December 10) that the Bad Boy mogul had fathered a child with a woman who was not Miami – with whom he’s shared a very public romance — all eyes were on the City Girls rapper for her response.



Adding his two cents to the conversation, Akademiks referred to Miami and any other women Diddy might be dating as “side chicks,” prompting her to unload a barrage of tweets in response.

“Diddy different… my N-gga done f*cked around and had a side baby on his harem of side chicks,” Ak’s tweet read. “Brother Love a real 1.”

“I’M NOBODY SIDE BITCH LETS JUST MAKE THIS CLEAR ON THIS GOOD MONDAY! I don’t come 2nd to no bitch!” Caresha began in response. “Akademiks my name ain’t dick so keep it out your mouth!!! You the type of N-gga my uncle doing life sentences for BITCH ASS N-GGA!!!!!”

Ak hit right back, remaining calm but continuing to instigate.

“Misdirected anger… Brother Love wouldn’t approve of this behavior,” he replied. “I aint the one that had a side baby on yall …relax. Yung Miami mad at me for pointing out the obvious.. u said u and that nigga go together real bad…

“That n-gga had another baby wit another woman. u the side chick,” Ak continued. “dont get mad now. at least u get hella gifts. live ur life queen. Also u tell us ur business lol ofc we gon comment.”

Yung Miami had a whole lot to say in response – both to Akademiks and anyone else with negative comments on her situation with Diddy.

“You sit your fat scary ass in the house all day talking online come outside police ass booty boy!” she said to Ak before switching gears. “Bitches be like ‘I can never’ I can bitch & that’s the difference. Diddy won’t even look half of y’all bitches way! Majority off y’all praying upon a falling star bitch plssssssss!!!!!!! & I’m not mad I’m trending NEXT! I don’t want a man cause all y’all’s be in my dm.”

She then returned to the subject of Akademiks, noting that he’s always had it out for her.

“It’s cool for a MAN to constantly harass me online that I don’t know!” she wrote. “He did the same shit when my car got shot up he laughed when I almost lost my life find somebody else to play with! I can react how tf I want to!”

And Akademiks was ready to continue.

“Nick Canon [sic] women would never… having a mental breakdown the day when he announces a new baby.. I’m just saying…. Straighten up.. yall be knowing what yall sign up for.”

“Who having a mental breakdown you talking on me ponk!” Miami replied. “Who having a mental breakdown? WHO????”

“Brother Love must have left Yung Miami message questioning him on read..” Ak then said to his Twitter followers, “cuz she got all the time to be on twitter mad I called her a side chick…”

Miami wanted to make it clear she was chillin’, though.

“I’m tryna figure out when was I mad or having a mental breakdown,” she wrote with a thinking emoji. “bitch I’m in lala land with my feet up smelling my flowers. yall mad. You the one screaming at your screen calling me out my name ponk!”

“I’m not trying to argue with you.. I’m praying for your healing…. Cuz right now you sounding like someone who found out the news via TMZ just like everybody else,” Ak responded. “I’ll send my prayers. Love you hun.”

And ending the long exchange, Miami responded simply with, “You don’t even believe that.”

Diddy dropped the bombshell news about the latest addition to his family with a tweet that included all five of his biological children, his adopted son Quincy and his mother, Janice Combs. However he made no mention of who the child’s mother might be.

On Monday (December 12), TMZ got their hands on Love Sean Combs’ birth certificate indicating she was born on October 15 in Newport Beach, California. Puff was listed as the baby girl’s father, while the mother is reportedly 28-year-old cybersecurity specialist Dana Tran.

Diddy Shuts Down NYC With Yung Miami In Dr. Dre-Sampling 'Diddy Freestyle' Video
Diddy Shuts Down NYC With Yung Miami In Dr. Dre-Sampling 'Diddy Freestyle' Video

The woman, who goes by Dana Tee on social media, has seemingly deactivated her Instagram account. All that is known about the woman at this time are her occupation, and that she appears to be a native of Southern California. There’s no word as to when she met Diddy or the extent of their relationship.

The news came as a surprise to fans who have been following the evolution of Diddy’s relationship with Yung Miami. Both have previously confirmed that they have continued to see other people since they began dating in 2021.



After spending time together at his recent birthday celebration in Miami, where the City Girls star presented Diddy with a lavish gift, the two most recently made an appearance together on Thanksgiving. The couple were joined by his older daughters, Chance, D’Lila and Jessie Combs, as well as her son, Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. as they distributed 3,000 Thanksgiving dinners to people experiencing homelessness.

While she did not address the latest addition to Diddy’s family directly on Saturday, Yung Miami tweeted “Papi” along with a heart emoji about an hour before the announcement. She then retweeted a fan who suggested she “might be the next guest on caresha please because we need answers!,” and added another tweet feature a singular eyes emoji