There is no doubt that Masta Ace returned stronger than ever with “Disposable Arts,” one of 2001’s premier LP’s. What was unfortunate for Ace is that his label, Jcor Records, closed up shop right around the time of his release. Subsequently, the album got very little promotion and it’s sales did not fare as well as expected.

Ace is looking to change that with a couple of new distribution deals to help bring “Disposable Arts” to a store near you. Ace told SOHH this; “I been locking down distribution for [Disposable Arts],” Ace told SOHH. “Fat Beats will be distributing the CD in the US and the vinyl worldwide. I am in negotiations with several European distributors regarding distribution of the CD in the UK, France, Japan, Germany & Canada.”

Fat Beats? That is kind of interesting…”matter of fact, fuck Fat Beats for doing the wax.” Ace said that on “Acknowledge” in his verse dissing Boogieman. Ace also said that he has completed 5 tracks for his next album and hopes to have it out at the end of this year or early 2003.