Since the days of The Game [click to read] being associated with G-Unit, the Compton rapper and New Jersey’s Joe Budden [click to read] have been on poor terms. Throughout mixtapes in the last four years, the two attacked each other’s character, including tracks like The Game‘s “Buddens” and Budden being one of the first sources to mention Game‘s appearance on dating gameshow Change of Heart.

It appears as that tension is behind both men now. In the late hours of Tuesday night, the duo stood on the same stage and performed together in New York’s Fillmore. In a celebration geared for The Game‘s LAX release [click to read], Budden and company appear to be invited guests, as both parties perform “Pump It Up” before shocked fans.

Previously, The Game has ended feuds from his G-Unit tenure with artists like Ja Rule [click to read], Fat Joe, and D-Block.

The video is below, although in very poor quality.

Neither camp has released any statement on the performance or reconciliation. Joe Budden is presently campaigning for his forthcoming album Padded Room [click to read].