In 2003, Jersey City rapper Joe Budden [click to read] was reaping the benefits of his successful debut album, Joe Budden [click to read]. The album reached gold status and Budden even received a Grammy nomination.

But fast forward several years and fans of Budden have yet to see a
sophomore album from the rapper. Instead, Budden‘s sophomore effort
remained on the shelves at Def Jam for several years.

finally severed ties with Def Jam in 2007 and is currently signed to
independent label Amalgam Digital. As a result of the split with Def
, Budden will finally have the opportunity to release his sophomore
album, Padded Room.

This album I attempted to step outside of myself, or at least go
back to a time in life where everything was different, mentally and
Joe Budden told HipHopDX. “I wanted to create a space
where there were no boundaries, no limits, no walls aside from the ones
I chose to create.

Budden delves into matters of sanity and insanity with Padded Room and instead of tracks like “Pump It Up” fans can expect not so club friendly tracks such as “Blood On The Wall”. [click to listen].

this album, I wanted the listener to get a better idea of what its like
to have no idea. The booth became my safe haven. I wanted to be able to
showcase insanity, but at the same time have people cater to it, and
the only place where that’s possible…Is in the
Padded Room,” Joe Budden explained.

“Touch And Go” the first single off of Padded Room will debut in September and the Padded Room will be released on October 28 on Amalgam Digital.