Freddie Gibbs Responds To Fans Painting Him As Frozone
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Freddie Gibbs Responds To Fans Painting Him As Frozone

Freddie Gibbs has responded to two young fans on Twitter who got a photo with him while holding a painting of Frozone, the Samuel L. Jackson-voiced superhero from Pixar’s The Incredibles.

“I can’t stand y’all muthafuckaz man,” Gibbs wrote alongside a photo of him reluctantly posing with the two fans.

While Gibbs has always shown love for his fans, this isn’t the first time he’s rolled his eyes at his supporters. In April, a fan made a joking comment on Twitter about Gibbs’ seemingly never-ending list of foes, from Akademiks to Griselda’s Benny The Butcher.

“Freddie Gibbs be beefing with a new n-gga every month it seem, smh damn n-gga I’m starting to think it’s you bruh,” the user wrote with laughing emoji’s. Gibbs chimed in simply to agree.

“Yep it is me and I don’t give a fuck,” he wrote.

Gibbs fanbase was also quick to clown him after an alleged scuffle earlier in 2022 between him and Jim Jones’s entourage, with many fans posting memes on Twitter of how they thought the brawl went down.

While Freddie Gibbs seems to always be poking fun at fans and rappers alike, the ESGN lyricist said Bun B is partially to blame for him being so antagonistic at times.

“I’ve honestly rapped on songs with n-ggaz and dissed them on the same song. I’m just competitive like that,” Gibbs tweeted. “I didn’t have real confidence in my raps until I rapped with a real professional rapper. Bun B gave me that. Once I rapped with him u couldn’t really tell me shit.”

On the music side of things, Gibbs just appeared on Meechy Darko’s new single “On God,” and come September will be taking the stage at Brooklyn’s Afropunk Festival. The annual event will be returning for its first in-person celebration since 2019, with Isaiah Rashad, Tierra Whack, Mick Jenkins, BbyMutha, Earl Sweatshirt, Pink Siifu, The Roots and others slated to perform.


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