Fivio Foreign doesn’t look like he’ll be letting up on Ma$e anytime soon, as he’s teased a new record that samples one of the Harlem native’s classic records.

On Wednesday (August 3), Fivio took to social media to share a post of himself sitting in the studio with a woman while a new song plays in the background.



The track in question samples Ma$e’s 1997 classic “What You Want” featuring Total, taken from his debut album Harlem World, which also features tracks such as “Feels So Good,” “24 Hours To Live,” and “Will They Die 4 U?”

As the track plays, Fivio cracks a grin while romancing the woman on his lap. “What you want from me ?,” the “Big Drip” rapper captioned his post.

Fivio’s use of the sample comes after he recently alleged the former Bad Boy Records rapper had him locked into a questionable recording contract with his RichFish Records.

The Brooklyn native spoke about a $5,000 advance he received from Ma$e after signing to the label during his visit to Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast.

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Ma$e addressed the situation during his own meet-up with Gille and Wallo, claiming that although he did give Fivio $5,000 to start off with, the drill rapper received up to $750,000 in total.

It looks like Fivio Foreign isn’t done talking about the subject. In a tweet on Wednesday (August 3), the rapper teased that he might have to pay a visit to N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN‘s Drink Champs podcast.

“I mite have to do Drink Champs,” Fivio tweeted alongside a thinking emoji.

Elsewhere in his interview on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game,Million, Ma$e admitted that he regrets the years-long feud he’s been embroiled in with Cam’ron.

“When I got the money it just changed everything, but at first my problem with I think Cam was just that they thought I had money I didn’t have,” Ma$e said. “Like I just told you I was flexing crazy, so n-ggas was like, ‘Yo, Murda ain’t sharing the bag.’ I never got the bag.

“Now that we looking back you can see he never got that bag, and then by the time I got the bag we was enemies already. So I didn’t get to break ’em off.”



He added: “That’s one of the relationships I regret. I think I got two that I regret, and going at Killa, I wanted to do that but that was like my n-gga, you know what I’m saying? So that really hurt me.”