Joey Bada$$ is one of the most in-demand rappers with everything he has going on, such as having a new album on the way and the return of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. The Brooklyn native needs to travel for work, but what happens when an airline messes up his luggage?

On Tuesday (July 19), the Pro Era MC took to his Instagram Story to air out Delta Air Lines for allegedly damaging his studio equipment during a flight. In the video, Joey shows his studio rig with broken knobs and without its case.

“Yo Delta, what the fuck is going on, b?” he complained. “Y’all messed up my fucking studio rig, bro. First of all, this whole shit had a case on it. Now it don’t got the fucking case on it. Y’all broke my fucking knobs, like y’all know how much this cost? Y’all going to have to reimburse all that.”

He added, “This is the second time y’all fucked up one of my luggage pieces in the last month. Y’all broke my fucking RIMOWA bag, still ain’t pay up on that. I’m a fucking diamond medallion member, like, what is good with y’all? I need fucking answers, Delta.”

The 27-year-old rapper wasn’t quite done with Delta as he took his frustrations to another Instagram Story detailing the cost in damages to his luggage over the last few months. According to Joey, it’s not cheap.

“$12,000 in damages @delta,” he wrote. “This how y’all treat your diamond medallion members???????” Joey had flown to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday to perform at the Roseland Theater as part of his 1999-2000 Tour.

Joey Bada$$ Explains His '2000' Album Wasn't Pushed Back Because Of Drake

Joey Bada$$ is currently gearing up to release his new album 2000 on Friday (July 22), which serves as the sequel to his breakthrough 2012 mixtape 1999 and the long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$.

The Brooklynite has released several singles from the project so far, including “Head High,”“Where I Belong,”“Survivors Guilt” and “Zipcodes.” The latter became his fastest song to reach a million streams on Spotify, according to his recent Instagram Story.

“Fastest million streams I’ve ever got on a song. Thank you. See you guys Friday,” he wrote while celebrating the achievement.