Even with all the recording equipment in the world at his disposal, there are times when Noah “OVO 40” Shebib likes to keep things simple. During a conversation with FC The Truth earlier this week, 40 confirmed he recorded Drake’s Certified Lover Boy opener “Champagne Poetry” on an iPhone.

“Yeah, so I’m always recording stuff on an iPhone because it’s easier these days and the iPhone sounds great,” Drizzy’s right-hand producer explained. “So like, yeah, if I have to record just like an instrument I might use an iPhone for instance.”

Nearly unrecognizable with the full head of hair and beard, 40 then told the story of how he inspired Travis Scott to continue his recording/producer journey. Years ago, OVO 40 posted a video about the minimal microphone and equipment needed to make music, which an unknown La Flame then used to convince his mother to purchase.

He also made it a point to tell young producers to not get enamored with the fancy equipment and trust in the music production programs they know that got them to this point.

“It’s not rocket science in this day in age and you just want to make music,” he said. “The Beatles didn’t have much to work with back then. Marvin Gaye was lying down on a couch with an SM-57 so it’s like alright, so grab an SM-57 for $100 and lie on the couch in the living room and track a record and make it great. There’s a way to do it at all times and I think people get caught up and lost in all the fancy stuff.”

Even though he boasts a world-class recording facility of his own, Shebib is confident in his ability to churn out hits if all he had was an old computer and an iPhone.

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“If you only had an iPhone, you could do it,” the multi-platinum producer continued. “If I was trapped with only an iPhone, I would make classics all day. There’s software, plug-ins and it’s all doable.”

Listen to the full interview with 40 below.