Lizzo has built a career on unabashed self-expression, particularly when it comes to body positivity. As she stepped out in Los Angeles during Super Bowl LVI weekend, the “Rumors” singer confirmed she wanted to take her love for herself a step further.

When stopped by TMZ paparazzi in between handing out autographs to fans on Saturday (February 12), Lizzo was reminded of several nude photoshoots she’d taken on Instagram and wondered if an editorial spread was in her future with Playboy.

“Yeah, tell Cardi to call me!” she exclaimed, referring to Cardi B’s new role as Playboy‘s creative director. “I love Playboy, yeah I’ll do it!”

Before getting the answer regarding her Playboy wishes, Lizzo joked about her recent piercing party with her team, celebrating a year of hard work and good times. When asked about the freakiest piercing, Lizzo bashfully gave him a revealing answer.

“I’ll never show you my coochie so you’ll never know,” she tells the photographer. “You can’t see my coochie! I can’t show you. I can’t show TMZ my pussy.” The comment aligns with Lizzo’s purported next single. On February 5, the 33-year-old Cuz I Love You singer shared a video on her Instagram account to her 11.9 million followers entirely in the nude — and proud of it.

Lizzo Teases Next Single Fully Nude: 'If You Love Me, You Love All Of Me'

In the caption for the video, she once more confirmed she wasn’t holding back from celebrating her body, curves and desire for others to embrace theirs as well.

“If you love me… you love all of me,” she wrote. “You don’t get to pick and choose. We should be unconditionally loving of one another, starting with being unconditionally loving to ourselves. Take a moment today and think about the conditions we hold so tightly to that keep us from the freedom of true love. Do you really wanna be so tightly wound? Free yourself in love. You deserve it.”


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