Los Angeles, CA

Ice-T has issued an ominous warning to young rappers visiting Los Angeles for Super Bowl LVI weekend. On Saturday (February 12), the O.G. Original Gangster mastermind shared an Instagram post that illustrated just how much knowledge he’s collected during his 63 years on the planet.

“SuperBowlWeekend: Not a Threat, just a Warning,” he said. “Young Rappers coming to LA for the Super Bowl weekend. LA has over 50Thousand ACTIVE Gang Members. Make sure you play it SAFE. It’s the Wild Wild West.”

Ice-T’s public service announcement arrived just hours after Kodak Black was shot outside of Justin Bieber’s West Hollywood afterparty in the wee hours of Saturday morning (February 12).



According to NBC News, Kodak Black was outside of an Italian restaurant called The Nice Guy when shots rang out, striking him in the leg along with three other men. All four were taken to a local hospital in stable condition and expected to fully recover.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Kodak was leaving the venue along with Gunna where they stopped and posed for photos with fans. As the two rappers were posing for paparazzi photos, a fight broke out between a group of men near a red Ferrari at the scene. From there, at least 10 gunshots were fired, sending everyone running.

Star-Studded Justin Bieber Afterparty Ends With 4 People Shot + Kodak Black Fighting Outside

As for Ice-T, his rap career has taken him to unimaginable heights and he’s been able to leave the street life behind — but there’s still a line on Original Gangster he lives by. In a May 2020 interview with HipHopDX,the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star revealed a line on “Mind Over Matter” from the 1991 classic still resonates today.



“Chuck D had lyrics where he said, ‘I don’t rhyme for the sake of riddling’ And I always respected that rap because I’m like, ‘I don’t do this for the fuck of it,'” he said at the time. “And on ‘Mind Over Matter’ I say, ‘It ain’t really how much you say, it’s what you say/I got no fucking time on the mic to play.’

“So that was kind of like me saying what Chuck said. I’m not here just to riddle to you muthafuckas. Everything I’m saying has a meaning and it’s important. I’m not rhyming for the sake of just riddling some words. So yeah. Certain songs, like ‘You Played Yourself’ has that slow Ice-T. And you know what it is — I got fans that like every style.”