Nicki Minaj publicly called out City Girls’ JT and Yung Miami during an interview with The Morning Hustle earlier this week. According to Nicki, she didn’t want to collaborate with the Florida duo because “why would [she] work with somebody who doesn’t like [her]?” But evidently that’s water under the bridge.

Shortly after the interview clip started to circulate, Nicki revealed they’d come to a resolution in a tweet that read, “Just had a great convo with @ThegirlJT & @YungMiami305. Let’s move on & make new memories y’all.” JT re-shared Nicki’s sentiment and replied, “Sag sister! Thank you for your time, your advice! A true queen … love you!” Yung Miami added, “Queen tingz.”

Nicki Minaj had been hesitant to work with the City Girls due to old tweets in which they allegedly criticized the self-professed Queen of Rap. Speaking to The Morning Hustle co-hosts, she expounded on the topic using a hypothetical dinner scenario.

“And the thing is whenever you post something on the internet it’s there forever, whenever you say something in an interview, it’s there forever,” she explained. “So as an artist and a human being first, if I, as a regular human, was about to go to dinner with you tonight and then I get something that says, ‘Yo, she don’t really fuck with you like that, she was saying this and she don’t really like you, and she said she hopes you actually never pop or never flourish’… I’m not going out to dinner with you anymore because now I know that I like you but you really don’t like me.”

She added, “That’s just a human way to feel, if you hear somebody was saying things about you — not just one thing — but repeated things, repeated tweets for years, not just one thing … It’s let go. It’s let’s go, but it’s about, why would I work with somebody who doesn’t like me?”

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Nicki is currently prepping her follow-up to 2018’s Queen. During a recent interview on Power 98.3’s The Dana Cortez Show, Nicki excitedly stated she was going back to her mixtape roots.

“There’s a little bit of full-circledness happening, because I’m creating music kinda like how I used to create music when I first started rapping on mixtapes,” she said. “Which is just having a great experience, enjoying it, being in the moment, staying present in the moment and seeing what happens.”

She added, “Oh, you gotta get Mixtape Nicki! I just feel like that’s what’s needed right now. Like, oh my God! What I do is write raps that connect with people, that make people want to sign a long and channel their inner bad bitch … I love giving that good energy to people and make them feel like, ‘Yo, I’m speaking for you.’ You gonna get hints of other things, of course, but yes, you’re going to get that Mixtape Nicki.”