The “Money Message Challenge” has been flooding Instagram lately, with everyone from Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy to Future and and Fivio Foreign adding fuel to the trend. Other people, however, are growing tired of people flexing their finances on the ‘Gram, and Fat Joe was the latest person to advise his younger peers against jumping on the bandwagon.

Taking to Instagram Live earlier this week, Joey Crack began by shouting out New York Hip Hop legend Busy Bee as the first to launch the “Money Message Challenge” when he spelled his name out in cash in the classic 1983 film Wild Style.

The Bronx native then cautioned his followers about the dangers of flaunting cash on social media, which he branded as just another form of self-snitching.

“These people, when they get caught, they ask themselves, ‘Damn man, how did [I get caught]?’ You told on yourself!” Joe said. “You haven’t had a legit job in your life, you writing your name with mountains of money — fuck is wrong with you?!

“Nick Cannon said, ‘IRS is watching.’ Fucking right! They don’t gotta look far! In fact, all they gotta do is hashtag ‘money challenge.’ Who’s Loko32? Who’s JonJon43? Who’s TheOGPennyLoaf? N-gga, you gone!'”


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Fat Joe also urged fans to follow his lead on how to conduct oneself on social media, saying, “I dare you to look down my Instagram or anywhere on social media and see if Fat Joe has ever pulled out a $100 bill! One! Find the one!”

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Roddy Ricch sang a similar tune on Monday (January 24) when he posted his own Money Message Challenge on his Instagram Story that read, “EVERYBODY PLEASE STFU.”

Others have warned people in taking part in the challenge, such as Nick Cannon and Wiz Khalifa, who advised being mindful because the IRS is watching.