Wild Style, produced by Charlie Ahearn, was released March 18, 1983. It was is regarded as one of the first Hip Hop movies ever.

Wild Style also made HipHopDX’s “The 10 Best Hip Hop Movies Of The 80s” List:

Depending on who you ask, Wild Style could just very well be the best Hip Hop film of its era, if not ever. Its timestamp does tell, however, that it stands as the culture’s first impactful film. Additionally, it introduced Diamond Era icons such as Fab 5 Freddy, Grandmaster Flash and The Cold Crush Brothers to an entire new audience and the accompanying soundtrack has also become a beacon for rap purity. Just ask Nas, who used DJ Grand Wizard Theodore’s “Subway Theme” to propel his own classic album, Illmatic, a decade later.

Illmatic isn’t the only album that has featured samples the film, Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sunday by Cypress Hill,Jay Stay Paid by J Dilla, Resurrection by Common, Beat Konducta by Madlib, Operation: Doomsday by MF Doom, Quality Control by Jurassic 5 and so many more all have as well.